Congrats North Gwinnett Class of 2017

It has been a great adventure. As a final gesture my company would like to give this class one last gift.

I tried to take a picture of EVERYONE receiving his or her diploma. Please find them at the location below.

 Honor Graduates 6300 - 7027
6300s, 6400s, 6500s, 6600s, 6700s ,6800s , 6900s, 7000s

 Graduates 7028 - 7843

7000s, 7100s, 7200s, 7300s, 7400s, 7500s, 7600s, 7700s, 7800s


The names are alphabetical, so you will have to find your child.  Please use this reference below to give you an idea where to start.

6346 – Bligh, Matthew

6460 – Crosby, Isaiah

6511 – Ellis, Kennedy

6622 – James, Adam

6643 – Jerald, Aysha

6721 – Lahmaydi, Aymen

7042 – Anderson, Summer

7251 – Gill, Nicolette 

7353 – Jordan, Drew

7355 – Joseph, Mikey

7436 – Maffie, Brandon

7463 – Mcgowan Jordan

7592 – Repass, Devon

7785 – Wade, Elise

If you would like the full sized .jpg or prints please email me at

I wishing all the graduates the greatest of God’s blessings and a long productive life.  It has been a blessing to share the past 18 years watching you all grow!

 Sincerely, Douglas S. James III